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Council Agenda


Town of Pelzer

Council Agenda

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 6:30 pm

1.  Call to Order

2.  Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance

3.  Citizens Comments (ign up required - 3 minutes)

4.  Approval of Minutes - December 8 meeting

5.  Clerk's report/Presentations

  a  Cheryl Boudreau - Clerk's Report

   b  Greene Finney - Monthly Preformance Reports

6.  Old Business

7.  New Business

     a. bids on surveying Monkey Park property

     b.  bids on 3 rail fencing for Monkey Park

     c.  bids on new roof for picnic shelter in Monkey Park

     d.  Hospitality funds for July 4th fireworks

     e.  Town of Pelzer banners

     f.  Resolution supporting a shared used path on Depot Rd.

8.  Executive Session

     *In coming out of Executive Session, council may vote on items discussed in Executive Session.

9.  Request by Council

10.  Adjournment