For residents who are a part of Tuesday trash pickup this week and were told that your pickup routes would be a day late, we apologize for the incorrect information. We received unclear instructions about delayed trash pickup from GFL that were for commercial accounts only, not residents. If you will please put your trash out tonight and leave it out for the rest of the week, GFL will pick up the missed cans on the Tuesday routes a little each day until complete. This does not affect residents who are part of the Thursday trash pickup. Thursday pickup remains the same.

Town of Pelzer Trash Update

July 21, 2022

The Town has just been advised that the following streets trash day is changing to Tuesday's, starting July 26th.  So these streets will need to have their trash put out on Monday nights.  If your street is NOT on this list then your day will remain to be Thursday, with having your trash out on Wednesday night.

  1. Murray St.
  2. McCaughrin St.
  3. Adger St.
  4. Lyman St.
  5. Guy St.
  6. Fennell St.
  7. Law St.
  8. Beattie St.
  9. Wardlaw St.
  10. Reed St.
  11. Baldwin St.
  12. Lewis St.
  13. Allen St.
  14. Burts St.
  15. Blake St. 
  16. Blakely St.
  17. Courtney St. (#2 - #23 ONLY)